This is a temporary placeholder for The Breakfast King.

Yes, The Breakfast King doesn’t have an official website – or really any official online presence. That’s ok. I’m working on it.

Who am I to set up anything for The Breakfast King? I¬†really don’t like to give too much information but I grew up with the restaurant, I grew up with the employees, I grew up with the people, and I grew up with the food. I helped out my Dad at the restaurant between¬†10-15 years old and even though I’m no longer in Colorado, I help out when and however I can. It’s something I enjoy. My family is still involved with the ‘king on a day to day basis.

I hope I can make something respectful to you and the restaurant. Wish me luck!

PS. Sorry about the images. These are just ones that I found online. I think they were off urbanspoon and yelp. They are just very temporary until I can figure things out and take whatever images myself.


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